Professional UAV pilots, Cédric, serial entrepreneur born in Ivory Coast and Olivier, from the oil industry and instuctor
will help you define your needs and support you throughout their services.

Surveying and Mapping

Our technical solutions are designed for a great mobility, a high level of responsiveness and fast deployments thanks to Cédric's field knowledge.


Real-time surveillance offers you motion detection and facial recognition. Our software applications model and map urban, mining and agricultural sectors with a high accuracy.

Training and Follow-up

We train, support and ensure regular follow-up of your teams. Olivier is a telepilot and geomatics instructor on a wide range of drones and professional software.

Our Toolbox

Our equipment is well adapted to the missions we are assigned to:

  • Tethered Drones

    Surveillance and Security

    Wire powered, they have no autonomy constraints. Their cameras and flight altitude make it possible to cover large areas 24/7. Their deployment is simple, fast and does not require any remote pilot training.

  • Multirotor Drones

    Multipurpose and Agile

    They provide high-resolution photos in the visible as well as in the multispectral range. Ever smaller, they can fit in a backpack and are the preferred Swiss knives for hard-to-reach sites and dense urban environments.

  • Fixed-Wing drones

    Wide Areas,
    Long Distances

    With a much greater autonomy, they are allowed to cover hundreds of acres of agricultural lands or quarries and miles of power lines, roads, railways, pipelines in a single flight.

Your Contacts

Cédric Aujoulat

Sales Manager
Surveillance and Security

Olivier Mettler

Technical Manager
Training and Surveying